Garden Journals

Garden and flower bed journal

My garden journal is pretty simple, but so fun!

Each year I add that year’s information in a few different categories.

1) A list of the plants & herbs & veggies I purchase each Spring. Here in Lancaster County, PA there are some amazing greenhouses, most of which are run by Mennonite or Amish families. That first view of the beauty in those greenhouses of the huge variety of plants & flowers after a long cold winter makes me wish I had ten more flower beds to fill – until I come back to reality.

2) A list of every date that I plant or weed or mulch.

3) If I add a new flowerbed, I like to sketch it out, The visuals are always fun to look at.

4) And of course, as summer goes on, I take a few photos and add them on a page or two.

Then, over the winter and the following spring, I have all that info to review as I plan what to change or add in the flowerbeds.