are you a goal-setter – A planner – A creative?

Good Intentions??

Are you a creative soul with lots of ideas that aren’t fulfilled yet? I get that!
And I’d love to help you plan and create a fulfilled life – one that is full of what matters to you. I’ll help you “PLAN” it out as you decide what is valuable in your life and what memories you choose to document. A bullet journal can be amazing if you set it up with only what you need – and I can help you do that. All the bells and whistles can be great, but are they really necessary if they don’t help you create and savor the life you want?

Is Something Missing?

wish you could do better?

  • Do you dream of accomplishing all your goals each year?
  • Do you want to have a creative way to show that?
  • Is there just not enough time in your week?
  • Do you have great intentions to create and journal the special moments in life that you want to savor – but don’t quite find the time or motivation to get around to it?
I can help!
Hi there!

I’m Ame Groff

And I know exactly how it feels,
because I’ve been there too.

I have tried SO many planners over the years!

I even made my own planners hoping it would work for me.

Then finally, in 2016, I landed on the planning method
that works best for me. And I’ve been using it ever since!

I like to keep it simple –
but you can make yours however you like!

Ready to get started?

Here’s what to do next….

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