If you have the need to be creative…

    Do you love your planner or calendar process, yet sometimes feel the need to get creative? I know I do!

    Now that I’ve finally found the weekly/monthly planning system that works for me, I don’t want to get distracted. Since I’m not the best finisher in the world, actually using my bujo the same way for several years in a row is a huge win for me. It has worked and continues to work which gives me a great feeling of following through on something. But as a crafter at heart, I need to get crafty & messy and make things to feel fulfilled.

    The perfect answer to that is to make a junk journal with pieces of scrapbook paper – or anything you may have on hand. This is so easy and so fun!

    Your junk journal can have 5 pages or 25 pages – it’s totally up to you! And the amazing thing about these is you will never have two exactly the same. You may choose to keep them simple or make them fancy by adding all sorts of embellishment goodness. If you’re a crafter, a junk journal is the best excuse to pull out your paper punches and edgers to make each page look a little different. Add tiny envelopes and flaps and tickets and tags – on and on the possibilities go!

    Our daughter has become friends with several young ladies on Instagram who make amazing junk journals who have inspired her to do the same. They use fabric, lace, old paper, envelopes, even pages from old Golden Books for their baby journals. How fun is that?!

    The possibilities are endless. And if you’re anything like me and the other people I know who’ve made one – it won’t be the last. The more you make, the more ideas you will have for the next one! So what papers and “stuff” do you have laying around your house that would be the perfect thing to put in your new junk journal? Who knows, this may actually help you clear out some things that are just taking up space and actually give them a lovely new use in the process!

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