Are You Ready To Commit?

So, are you ready to commit to this new adventure using a bullet journal planner? I’m so excited for you to get started. Just in case you are a little fuzzy, here’s a recap of what you’ve accomplished so far:
1) You decided you need to get certain areas of your life under control
2) You decided what topics & events that you need to capture
3) You chose your size and style of planner/journal
4) Once you purchased your inserts, you did the first two steps of Create & Plan. You created your weekly, monthly, and notes insert journals.
5) Today’s challenge is to determine the actions you are going to take for the third step of your CPR, which is Record.

Record – when and how

The obvious best choice is to do this daily. Your greatest results will come when you make your goals daily and keep track of what you’ve accomplished. The main thing for you to decide is if you want to work in your planner in the morning, or afternoon, or evening. Which will be the best time for you to be consistent and make this a habit you keep up with? After all, who needs another half-used journal, right?!

So think these through:
~ Are you a morning person?
~ Do you work second or third shift and need to do this after you’ve slept, so
perhaps afternoon is best for you?
~ Or are you a night-owl and find that evening is best for you to plan the next day?
~ Also, are you going to print photos and save memorabilia to put in your journal?
If so, will you print your photos daily or weekly?
~ How about the memorabilia? Will you tape it in each day or will you wait until the
end of the week and enter all your photos and memorabilia at once?

It doesn’t matter what your answer is. It only matters that you figure out works for you so you actually DO it each day or each week.

Follow through

So there you go! Decide which time of day is going to be your best choice for a consistent time to make plans in your journal. Decide if you will write, or add photos, or memorabilia, or all the above.

Now start! It’s as simple as that.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Only that you do what you’ve committed to do.

If you record daily – that’s awesome!

If you decide weekly is best – great for you! Don’t look at what the daily folks are doing and allow it to discourage you.

So are you ready to commit? Make your own goal and stick with it. Let’s get your activities and plans set in motion, so you can follow through better than you’ve ever done before. Be sure to read the next post:

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