Create Your Weekly Insert and Notes Insert

If you’ve been following along, then your monthly insert should be all done. Way to go! So now you can create your weekly insert and the notes insert. Since I use the weekly insert the most, I keep it in the front of my cover. This may be different for you depending on the order of things that you prefer.


For my use, a two-page spread works great for my week which is what I explain here. So to create your weekly insert, here are the steps.

Front cover: leave blank to decorate later

1) First two-page spread: Draw out 8 rectangles for the days of the week, and one extra, to make it symmetrical. This weekly spread is where I use the bullet journal method. Enter your tasks for each day with a box in front so you can check it off when completed. However, there are so many options available which is the wonderful thing about this system. One week may be completely different from another week – tweak as you go until you find what works for you. If you google “bullet journal” you will indeed go down a rabbit hole of options!

view of my weekly layout that uses the bullet journal style

2) Second two-page spread: Leave empty to use later. You can journal your thoughts at the end of each day, or add mini photos and memorabilia from the week.
Repeat this pattern of a weekly spread and then empty spread, for as many weeks as necessary in your journal. With the Moleskine Cahier you get three months of weekly spreads, and allows for the empty spread each week. If you omit that, then you will get six months in one journal.

this shows the page after the week's bullet list which has mini photos and mementoes from the week

3) Extra pages at the back of the insert can be used for various lists, planners, projects, whatever works for you.

The details

So at the end of each quarter (or half-year), you will pull the completed journal out of your cover. Simply insert the next quarter’s journal (or half-year) in it’s place. The cover always has the current weekly spreads to use along with the monthly view and your notes insert. At year end, your set of journals will be complete with photos and mementos – what a treasure!

You may also like to track certain habits or events, daily or weekly. If so, you can enter them where you prefer. It could be within each week’e spread. Or use the pages at the end of the insert so those types of trackers are all together.

Notes Insert

For the third insert in my artisan cover, I write the page number at the bottom edge of each page. I leave 3-4 blank pages at the beginning of the book to use as my index. This insert is used for miscellaneous notes, projects, lists, whatever I feel the need to write down. Decide on a title or phrase that will best trigger your memory later in the year. That title and the page number are entered in the index so those notes can be easily found later. Since this holds a wide variety of information, this is the one insert where the index is a necessity.

And now you have it

To summarize, the Weekly Insert stays in my cover for 3 months and then is replaced with the next insert.

The Monthly Insert and Notes Insert remain in my cover for the whole year.

Hopefully, you now have a good bird’s-eye view of how I use my bullet journal planner. Once that is done and you purchase your supplies, you can create your weekly insert and note insert. I’m sure my CPR method (Create-Plan-Record) will be of help to you with the wonderful life you are creating. After you have your weekly insert and notes insert all ready to go, read this next post:

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